1) Your Journey as an Author…..My journey as an author started with a leap of faith. In the midst of a successful career creating TV shows, my boyfriend received a six-month gig in London. It was a great opportunity for him, and I was supportive of him going. Not wanting to be apart, we decided that I would quit my job and go with him. So I left Los Angeles for London, where I focused full-time on my writing. I had been working on Sam & The Secrets of the Universe in my spare time, so it was such a treat to have no distractions. I finished that book and wrote my second, Love from Mars. The rainy London weather made it much easier to concentrate than the SoCal sun! That leap of faith in quitting my job was so worth it. Not only did I come back to LA with two completed books, I also got engaged!

2) What reading means to you…..Reading is so meaningful because it’s a way to learn and grow through an exchange of ideas. I read a lot of non-fiction books that teach me new ideas, ways of living, and skills. Fiction takes me on an adventure or allows me to see the world from new perspectives. I love stories that embark on an emotional journey because they are like a mirror, allowing me to see myself through the reflection of other characters, their struggles, and how they handle the twists and turns.

3) Whats next for you…..I have two more books outlined and plan to keep writing! I’ll continue to focus in the science fiction genre because it’s exciting to explore themes of consciousness, cosmic conflict, and new frontiers of understanding. I already have the cover designed for my next book so that’s exciting! I’ll soon be producing the audio books for Sam & The Secrets of the Universe and Love from Mars. I’d also like to adapt my stories into screenplays, bringing in my previous experiences in TV and film.


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