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1) Your Journey as an Author…..I published my first novel back in April 2015. I had no experience whatsoever or any clue what I was doing. What I did know was I enjoyed myself and had so much fun. Still do! Publishing isn’t easy. Every time I release a new book, I get little butterflies in my stomach and that little self-doubt that no one will like my book. I’m not sure that’ll ever go away because each time I release a book, it’s like it’s for the first time. Exciting, exhilarating and nerve wracking! And I love it! I’ve since released 11 books, The Danger With Love my most recent release in April. It’s full of intrigue, suspense, and the best part, romance! I’m all about the romance and a happily ever after. If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get. I’ve had a few readers read several books and comment how it didn’t seem like the same author wrote them. When I write, I write what the story demands. Sometimes it does come out as a different “voice”. That’s not me, that’s my characters telling me how it’s gonna go. And yeah, those buggers tell me all the time what to do. *chuckles* There have been ups in this journey and of course downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs. I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m writing. I really can’t ask for more.

2) What reading means to you…..I love to read! Like, love! Really, really love! *laughs* Can you tell how much I love reading? I’ve read since I was able to read and haven’t been able to put books down since. For the longest time I was just a reader, not a writer. I love diving into a great book, whether it be a lovey-dovey romance or a tear-jerker one or one that makes me laugh, I read all kinds of romance. And yes, I generally only read romance because that’s my passion. That’s what I enjoy. I read for pleasure. While there might be other wonderful books out there in other genres, and I know there are, I love romance, so I read what I love. Sometimes reading is an escape from the real world and have some me time. Sometimes reading is just something to do to pass the boredom. Either way, I read all the time. A lot. Sometimes a story hits me in the heart, tugging at my emotions, and sometimes it does nothing but make me think I just spent three hours reading that. There’s nothing better than sitting down and reading, whether the book is good or bad. It’s in my blood and it’s never going to disappear. I love reading way too much to ever stop!

3) Whats next for you…..I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past three years and love every minute it. I started my writing journey almost a year into my first year at staying home. I needed something else to occupy my time. Something else that was just for me. Now it’s what I consider “my job”. What’s so great is my kids understand that. They don’t think I just stay at home and take care of them; they know I write books, that I share them with the world. And I think it’s pretty cool! My daughter came home one day from school and said she made something for Dad. She made us guess what it was. Her clue was, “it’s something Mommy does”. Honestly, I was clueless. I said things from crafts to baking to reading. Her answer, “I wrote a book just like Mommy.” The pride and happiness in my heart couldn’t have gotten any bigger. *sniffles happy tears* It didn’t even occur to me to say writing. Don’t ask me why because I have no clue. Lol. I have a son under a year old, so I have a few more years staying at home to take care of him. When it’s time for him to go to school full-time, I won’t be rushing out to find another job. I have a job. It’s writing. I’ll continue writing and writing and writing. That’s what I love. I have a job that I enjoy getting out of bed for. Because sometimes people can’t say that. I have so many story ideas in my head, waiting to get out. I’m always busy writing a new book or editing a book that I’m getting ready for release. And marketing, too. The best part about marketing is meeting new people and sharing the love of reading…and writing! This is a beautiful journey I’m on and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me.


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